Omaha’s City Charter Convention (and How to Get Involved)

Yesterday, Mayor Jean Stothert submitted an ordinance to convene a city charter study convention on May 16. The purpose of the convention is to review the operation of city government under the Home Rule Charter of the City of Omaha, with the possibility of recommending appropriate amendments to benefit the city’s governmental affairs.

A public hearing on the ordinance will be held on April 5. Click here for tips on giving public testimony.

In summary, the ordinance provides:

  • Convention membership of 15, with individuals representing all segments of the community including minorities, individuals at various income levels, business, and labor representation;

  • Each member of the Omaha City Council will appoint one member;

  • Appointment of members by the mayor with the agreement of the city council by resolution;

  • The convention must convene on Monday, May 16, 2022, and complete its work within 10 weeks thereafter;

  • The mayor must submit her list of appointments to the city council on or before April 26, 2022;

  • The convention must utilize, where practicable, city personnel, equipment, and space;

  • No expenditures shall be made unless first authorized and approved by the mayor and city council and;

  • The ordinance shall provide for public hearings.

The Omaha City Council will vote on the ordinance on April 12. 

One Omaha has previously written about the upcoming city charter convention. Of note, the last convention, convened in 2013, consisted of 25 members, 11 chosen by Mayor Stothert and 14 chosen by city council members. The final report submitted to the city council contained 18 recommendations.

To be considered for the upcoming city charter convention, contact your city council representative. 

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