Fiscal Sponsorship FAQ & Application

Fiscal Sponsorship

One Omaha offers fiscal sponsorship services to local groups looking to secure funds for community projects that improve or strengthen our city and neighborhoods. Equitable access to grant funding supports a healthier ecosystem for neighborhood groups and community organizations to make change from the bottom up.

The Process

  • Feel free to copy and paste information from your grant applications.
  • Sponsorships over $5,000 will need approval from our Board of Directors and will take 3-5 business days to process.
  • Sponsorships under $5,000 can be approved same day.
  • After approval, Alex will send you an MOU to sign.
  • A separate MOU will need to be signed for each grant/fundraiser.
  • We require you to send us a copy of any grant reports required for your funding.


  • One Omaha may charge a 5 – 10% fee depending on the amount of administrative work involved.
  • Fees are only levied if you receive the grant, and One Omaha processes it.
  • No fee is collected for fiscal sponsorship of Omaha Mayor Neighborhood Grants or Omaha Community Foundation Neighborhood Grants.

Help us build stronger neighborhoods.

Your donation to One Omaha directly impacts the quality of life in Omaha, making our city a better place for everyone to live and thrive.