One Omaha: Where We’re Going

On September 14, 2021, One Omaha became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

After six years, we are breaking away from Civic Nebraska. Due to their support through fiscal sponsorship and programmatic guidance, we are now a sustainable organization ready to leave the nest. 

When residents are informed, connected to their community, and feel represented in city government, they are empowered to influence decisions that impact their lives. We will continue to benefit the Omaha community by addressing the lack of knowledge and resources available for residents to sustain a better quality of life. 

Looking forward, One Omaha will focus on:

Lowering barriers for changemakers by streamlining support for community projects and programs, creating a more solid pipeline between One Omaha and partner organizations, and growing an accessible and dynamic library of community resources.

We are building a Learning Management System (LMS) — stay tuned for a name — to make our programming accessible to the community. By offering training and education in a free, easy-to-use online format, residents can access content on their own schedules and refer back to resources as they need them. Our content is created in collaboration with other community organizations, offering well-informed and diverse perspectives on need-to-know topics for neighborhood groups and organizers.

We will continue to offer our mini-grant program, which provides funding quickly and directly to local community-based groups making positive changes in Omaha through community building and activism.

Developing organizers by creating peer-to-peer connections and assisting neighborhoods with cultivating sustainable structures. By delivering programs centered around civic education, systems infrastructure, and awareness, we will empower residents to make change in their communities.

Our Neighborhood Leadership Academy (NLA) teaches residents baseline knowledge and confidence to lead change within their communities. One Omaha’s Civics Academy provides a framework for residents to work alongside elected officials and leaders to provide input and discover opportunities. 

We are developing a peer-to-peer mentorship/skill-sharing program to enable neighborhood leaders at different points of their organizing journeys to connect and share community-building tactics, resources, and initiatives among themselves. This program will strengthen the infrastructure for a community of connected leaders supporting each other and working from the same intent toward different goals.

Defining who we are and what we do by growing capacity through partnerships, increasing brand awareness, and setting effective boundaries. One Omaha creates opportunities for education, assistance, community engagement, and asset-based community development. By focusing on leadership development for residents and capacity building for community groups, One Omaha helps build prosperous futures and advance the quality of life in our city.

We create peer-to-peer connections and assist neighborhoods with cultivating sustainable structures. By delivering programs centered around civic education, systems infrastructure, and awareness, we empower residents to make change in their communities.

Learn about One Omaha’s history here.

Help uphold our mission of supporting the development of strong, connected communities through education, training, and engagement – Give now!

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