We are lowering barriers to creating change by providing funding to Omaha community groups.

One Omaha Community Building Mini Grant

The purpose of the mini-grant is to lower the barriers to entry to creating change in Omaha. We aim to do this by providing funding quickly and directly to local community-based groups looking to create positive change in Omaha. 


The criteria to be considered for the grant is:

  • Your group is based in Omaha
  • The project will be resident-led
  • Your group has not received grant funds from One Omaha in the calendar year
  • At least 4 people are involved in the project. If you need help getting more folks involved, reach out to our Engagement Manager Alex O’Hanlon –

If this is your first time applying for a grant please  for information about grant writing and answers to frequently asked questions. 


  • This mini-grant is open on a rolling basis throughout the year. Applicants will be notified of their application status the Monday following the submission of their application. 
  • Funds will be awarded as a check mailed to the home of the applicant and will arrive 1-2 weeks after the applicant returns a signed copy of their MOU. 
  • The project must be completed within 3 months and the grant report received within 4 months of signing MOU.

Please be sure to use an email address and phone number that you regularly use for timely correspondence. 


You can apply for up to $500 in funding. Grant applications will be judged on the following criteria:

  • The project organizes more members of the community
  • The project identifies an issue and seeks a community-based solution
  • The project seeks to uplift marginalized folks
  • Short term projects that are part of an ongoing initiative for social change
  • Sarah Hummel Jones – Mural at Jesse’s on 24th St.
  • Culxr House – Protest Training
  • Malik Cotton – Rally to Celebrate and Educate Kids in the Community
  • What YOUth Can Do – Supplies for Demonstration
  • All Kinds Accessibility – Community Accessibility Kit
  • Educators for Black Lives – Educators for Black Lives Rally
  • NOISE – Black Civil Rights Timeline Zine
  • Black Agenda Alliance – Next Steps: Techniques to Deal with Stress
  • Own Up Initiative – Sustaining the Movement
  • HIATUS Healing Collective – Grief Kit, Educators Kit, BIPOC Kit for Self-Care
  • Black Men Step’n – Community BBQ/Rally
  • Protest to Policy – Virtual Hub
  • A Light for Omaha – Funds for Canvassing and Event Supplies to Unite Brown Communities
  • Global Leadership Group – Monthly Litter Cleanup
  • Omaha Street Medics – Medic Training
  • Buena Vista Neighborhood Association – Neighborhood Night Out Event
  • Celebrate Omaha – Website & Interactive Map
  • Feed the People – Protect Gifford Park! Advocacy Campaign
  • Healing Roots – Harvest Party Event
  • Kinship Refined – Friends of Blackstone Events
  • Omaha Abolition Research – City Budget Advocacy Campaign
  • Skate Fest Omaha – Skate Fest Event
  • Social Impact Ecosystem – “Wisdom of Trauma” Movie Screening
  • The Village Co-Op – Summer Camp Programming