Quiz: How Healthy Is Your Neighborhood?

Discover the well-being of your community by answering these fun and insightful questions about your neighborhood’s health and wellness!


1. Are there easily accessible parks, green spaces, or community gardens in your neighborhood?

a) Yes, plenty of green spaces

b) Some, but not enough

c) Very few or none


2. How well does your neighborhood support an active lifestyle?

a) Numerous fitness centers, walking trails, and biking paths

b) Some options for exercise

c) Limited or no dedicated spaces for physical activity


3. How safe do you feel in your neighborhood?

a) Very safe, with a strong sense of community watch

b) Moderately safe, occasional concerns

c) Unsafe or significant safety concerns


4. Are there local options for healthy eating in your neighborhood?

a) Yes, we have access to farmers’ markets and health-conscious restaurants

b) Limited options, but some healthy choices are available

c) Few or no local options for nutritious eating


5. How well-connected are you with your neighbors?

a) Strong social connections and community engagement

b) Moderate connections, occasional interactions

c) Limited social interactions and community engagement


6. Are there resources for mindfulness and stress relief in your neighborhood?

a) Yes, with meditation groups, wellness workshops, and relaxation spaces

b) Some resources, but could use more

c) Limited or no resources for stress relief


7. How clean and well-maintained is your neighborhood?

a) Very clean, with regular community clean-up initiatives

b) Moderately clean, occasional clean-up efforts

c) Poorly maintained, lacking community cleanliness initiatives


8. Are healthcare facilities easily accessible in your neighborhood?

a) Yes, with nearby clinics and healthcare services

b) Some healthcare facilities, but not easily accessible

c) Limited or no nearby healthcare services


9. How robust is the business community in your neighborhood?

a) Many varied businesses with long retention rates

b) Some businesses with medium retention rates

c) No businesses, lack of infrastructure


10. How environmentally conscious is your neighborhood?

a) Actively involved in sustainability projects and eco-friendly initiatives

b) Some efforts toward sustainability, but room for improvement

c) Limited or no involvement in sustainability initiatives



Count the number of a, b, and c responses to determine your neighborhood’s health score:

Mostly A’s: Your neighborhood is thriving! Increasing shared activities like neighborhood cleanups and public art projects will keep your community healthy for the long term.

Mostly B’s: There’s room for improvement, but your neighborhood has some healthy aspects. Consider organizing a walk audit or block party to enhance your community’s well-being. Launching a community garden is a great place to start. 

Mostly C’s: It’s time for positive changes. Consider community initiatives to enhance well-being. One Omaha can help you strengthen your neighborhood group and organize for positive change.

Share your results and encourage your neighbors to take the quiz to collectively work toward a healthier and happier neighborhood!

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