Meet Alex O’Hanlon, Engagement Coordinator

Alex joined our team this month as an Engagement Coordinator. Get to know more about her!

What neighborhood do you live in and what do you love about it?

I currently live in the Montclair Neighborhood between Creighton and Bemis Park. I love the wide boulevards, nearby parks, ample sidewalks, and all the gorgeous old homes and different types of housing stock, although most of the housing was originally built as single-family homes, some have been split up into duplexes and four-plexes and there are some low rise apartment complexes in the area as well. Additionally, the neighborhood is full of history, Lincoln Blvd runs along an old Native American trade route. 

How did you first become connected to One Omaha, or hear about us?

I used to live in a neighborhood that was unincorporated into any association. One Omaha was integral in helping myself and other neighbors organize ourselves into the Saddle Creek Corridor Neighborhood Association. Since then I have used One Omaha’s resources to build my community organizing skills through both the Neighborhood Leadership Academy and Visioning Sessions. 

Do you have your own creative practice? If so, tell us more.

I design landscapes! Edible, medicinal, and native plant landscapes! I choose plants based on their needs (sunlight, shade, drought tolerance, etc)  and what they offer (food or medicine for us, pollinators and wildlife or an ability to provide shade or mitigate water runoff) to create designs that look good and serve human and ecological purposes. 

In your opinion, why does community engagement matter?

I’m a social person, so in general, I like to be around people, laughing, and doing things together. I also don’t possess every skill set to complete a project, so working with other folks to make projects happen is necessary. I think community engagement is a way to enjoy your neighbors as well as accomplish things. I can’t harvest all the olives by myself, but by inviting more folks to join me I can get more accomplished and by finding out what type of food, music and conversation they like I can create a more enjoyable and productive environment (so we can harvest as many olives as possible :))

Alex O’Hanlon is a community leader who is committed to supporting resident-led projects that enhance their quality of life. Prior to joining One Omaha, Alex worked as a Garden Manager for City Sprouts South where she coordinated programs, workshops, and events. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy/History from UNO and travels to California every fall to harvest olives.

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