Groopit App Frequently Asked Questions

Groopit is an online application designed to provide direct connections to groups. Its developers, based out of Seattle, have adapted the application for use by Omaha neighborhoods during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each neighborhood or community leader creates a group within the app. The leader then invites members of the neighborhood or community to join the group. Members can make requests and offer help in real-time once connected. Members also can share community information and show how help is being given through posting of photos and updates. 

Social media groups are often populated with articles, area happenings and unrelatable posts, making it difficult to allocate resources and see when help is truly needed. Not everyone in need of help is comfortable posting on social media platforms. The Groopit app provides a secure, immediate channel for community members to connect and support one another directly without messages getting lost in busy newsfeeds. 

The Groopit app provides an option for confidential information sharing among group members. The confidential information is seen by the group administrator and not its members.

The use of the app is by invitation only through a group administrator. Group communication and posts are not viewable by any users outside of the group. 

As we navigate the health crisis upon us, now is a time where grassroots community connections make a difference. Groopit allows resources to be clearly identified and quickly dispatched to those in need through, clear, concise means using technology. Omaha is known for neighbors helping neighbors during times of need, Groopit’s role can be to streamline the connection between neighbors to provide real-time help as we all adhere to social distancing health guidelines. 

Once help is requested, the Groopit app sends a notification to your smartphone if you have downloaded the app and have notifications turned on. Additionally, the request appears in the group feed and an email is sent to the group administrator, who can help dispatch resources. 

The app connects resources to needs in real-time. The smart technology also tracks fulfilled requests, keeping the most up-to-date information active and removing requests that have been fulfilled. 

Any group member can see a request and respond with available help or resources. The group organizer does not need to create a connection for each request. 

The Groopit app is not needed to request help. It only serves to facilitate help and resources in real-time. Those who are unable to communicate through the app can communicate needs through email or phone calls to the group administrator who can then enter the request into Groopit to arrange for assistance.

You will need an invitation or link to join your specific neighborhood page.

Groopit is a subscription-based service. User data is not sold or monetized by selling it to advertisers. Groopit believes that users own their data, and it is not Groopit’s right to collect or sell it. This is one of the reasons Groopit does not include advertising on its platform. You can learn more about Groopit’s security and privacy policies by visiting:

Groopit allows individuals to openly share information. Information sharing works like a survey, but instead of filling out a survey form, contributors fill out report forms.  The forms are defined by the group organizer and participants choose what information they share.

You can create and organize a group for your neighborhood or community group. Visit to request the creation of a group.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, One Omaha has been made Groopit free for neighborhoods and community groups.

Individuals are permitted to be in multiple groups but must be added by group administrators.

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