Are You a Gatekeeper? [Quiz]

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Gatekeeping refers to controlling access to specific spaces, resources, or opportunities based on arbitrary criteria, thereby excluding individuals or groups from participating or benefiting fully. Are you curious to know whether you inadvertently engage in gatekeeping behaviors? Take this quiz to assess your tendencies and gain insights into your role in promoting inclusivity.

Are you a gatekeeper? Find out now!

1. How do you usually respond when someone expresses an interest in a topic or hobby you’re knowledgeable about?

a) I enthusiastically share my knowledge and offer additional resources.

b) I assess their level of knowledge before deciding if they’re “worthy” of my insights.

c) I dismiss their interest as trivial or unworthy of my attention.

2. How do you approach diverse perspectives or ideas that challenge your beliefs?

a) I actively seek out different perspectives to broaden my understanding.

b) I engage in respectful discussions to learn from others’ experiences.

c) I dismiss opposing viewpoints as ignorant or misguided without giving them a fair chance.

3. Imagine you’re part of a decision-making group. A person from an underrepresented community presents an idea that contradicts the majority opinion. What would you do?

a) I listen attentively, encourage open dialogue, and consider the idea on its merits.

b) I question their qualifications and expertise, doubting their ability to contribute meaningfully.

c) I disregard their idea immediately, assuming it lacks value due to their background.

4. How do you respond when someone from a marginalized group shares their experiences of discrimination or oppression?

a) I empathize, validate their experiences, and seek ways to support them.

b) I question the authenticity of their claims and demand proof.

c) I minimize their experiences, claiming they exaggerate or play the victim.

5. How do you approach opportunities for mentorship or leadership positions within your organization or community?

a) I actively encourage and uplift individuals from diverse backgrounds, ensuring equal access.

b) I prioritize individuals who fit the traditional mold or resemble previous leaders.

c) I believe that only certain individuals possess the right qualities for leadership, disregarding potential from others.


Give yourself 0 points for each “a” answer.

Give yourself 1 point for each “b” answer.

Give yourself 2 points for each “c” answer.


0-4 points: Congratulations! You demonstrate minimal gatekeeping tendencies. Your inclusive mindset and willingness to learn from others contribute to fostering a more inclusive environment.

5-8 points: You occasionally engage in gatekeeping behaviors. While not intentional, be mindful of the biases and assumptions that may influence your actions. Seek opportunities to challenge your own beliefs and embrace diverse perspectives.

9-10 points: You display significant gatekeeping tendencies. It’s essential to reflect on your actions’ impact and consider their exclusionary effects. Actively work on dismantling biases, educating yourself, and embracing inclusivity.

This quiz is just the first step in understanding your role in combatting gatekeeping. Regardless of your score, it’s important to continually evaluate your behaviors and strive to create inclusive spaces that welcome diverse perspectives and experiences. Together, we can build a more equitable and inclusive community in our city.

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