Are You a Neighborhood Communication Pro? [Quiz]

Two women sit on a curb facing each other to communicate.

Communication is a vital tool for building a strong and connected neighborhood. Answer the following questions honestly to evaluate your communication skills and determine if you’re a great neighborhood communicator.


1. How often do you engage in conversations with your neighbors?

a) Rarely or never

b) Occasionally, when necessary

c) Frequently, I enjoy getting to know my neighbors


2. When discussing community matters, how well do you listen to others’ opinions and concerns?

a) I tend to dominate conversations and overlook others’ perspectives

b) I listen, but I sometimes struggle to consider alternative viewpoints

c) I actively listen and value diverse opinions


3. How comfortable are you initiating conversations with new neighbors or people you don’t know well?

a) Extremely uncomfortable, I avoid it at all costs

b) I feel a bit nervous, but I can manage it if needed

c) I’m confident and enjoy meeting new people in the neighborhood


4. How would you describe your ability to convey information clearly and concisely?

a) I often struggle to articulate my thoughts effectively

b) I can get my point across, but I sometimes ramble or use confusing language

c) I am skilled at expressing ideas clearly and ensuring others understand


5. How open are you to providing and receiving feedback in community discussions?

a) I tend to become defensive when receiving feedback and rarely offer it to others

b) I’m open to feedback but find it challenging to provide constructive criticism

c) I actively seek and provide feedback to foster open and honest conversations


6. How often do you participate in community meetings or events?

a) Never, I prefer to keep to myself

b) Occasionally, when it aligns with my schedule or interests

c) Regularly, I consider it important to be an active participant


7. In times of conflict or disagreement within the neighborhood, how do you approach resolution?

a) I avoid conflict and hope it resolves itself

b) I attempt to find a compromise, but it doesn’t always work

c) I actively engage in constructive dialogue to find mutually beneficial solutions


8. How well do you keep others informed about neighborhood updates or important information?

a) I rarely share information, assuming others will find out on their own

b) I share information occasionally but might miss important updates

c) I proactively communicate with my neighbors to ensure they are well-informed



– Give yourself 1 point for each (a) response.

– Give yourself 2 points for each (b) response.

– Give yourself 3 points for each (c) response.


Interpreting Your Score:

8-12 points: Improvement Needed

You may need to work on your communication skills within the neighborhood. Consider being more proactive, listening attentively, and engaging with your neighbors to strengthen community bonds.


13-18 points: Communication Competent

You are a decent communicator, but there is still room for growth. Keep honing your skills, actively participate in community events, and strive to foster open and inclusive conversations.


19-24 points: Excellent Communicator

Congratulations! You possess strong communication skills that positively contribute to your neighborhood. Keep up the good work, and continue being an effective communicator to further enhance community engagement and cohesion.

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