Omaha’s Inner Suburbs

Throughout the 1950s, 60, and 70s, Omaha expanded westward as the city annexed neighborhoods outside the existing city limits. These neighborhoods created what is today considered the inner suburbs. Neighborhoods

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A First Timer’s Guide to Grant Writing

Grant writing is a creative and imaginative process where you can translate your ideas into real, impactful projects. To persuade reviewers to support you, you must present a well-written plan that advances your worthwhile cause and illustrates that you are responsible and capable of executing your plan.

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Omaha’s City Charter Convention (and How to Get Involved)

Yesterday, Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert submitted an ordinance to convene a city charter study convention on May 16. The purpose of the convention is to review the operation of city government under the Home Rule Charter of the City of Omaha, with the possibility of recommending appropriate amendments to benefit the city’s governmental affairs.

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