One Omaha’s neighborhood engagement services emphasize bottom-up problem solving by building on existing community assets to help mobilize groups and develop their strengths.


The purpose of the mini-grant is to lower the barriers to entry to creating change in Omaha. We aim to do this by providing funding quickly and directly to local community-based groups looking to create positive change in Omaha. Groups can apply for up to $500 in funding.

For more details and to view a list of 2020 and 2021 mini-grant recipients, click here.

Facilitation Services

One Omaha provides facilitation services for community groups to help strategize, prioritize and build capacity. We use asset-based community development principles to support groups in identifying assets, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; creating short-term project plans as well as longer-term strategic plans; determining capacity issues within the group, and strategizing collaborative techniques to overcome them.

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Visioning sessions create a short-term vision for a specific grant project.

What to expect: Asset mapping, identification of strengths and weaknesses, identification of group goals, project idea brainstorm, layout of short-term project ideas, grant suggestions for project implementation, and connections to other resources for project success

This is best for large groups that want to get to a consensus about how folks feel about an area. Can be used as the first step before a visioning session, or strategic planning.

What to expect: Asset mapping, identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats;  grant suggestions for possible project ideas;  connections to other resources

This session facilitates a group in coming to a consensus on their mission/vision.

What to expect: Organizational goal brainstorm, exploration of the differences between a mission and a vision, organizational tagline brainstorm based on goals, 3-5 mission and vision statement suggestions, connections to resources that can help to achieve group goals

This is best for a group that already has an idea of what projects they would like to do, but needs help to break them down into smaller, more manageable pieces. This can be organized as a follow up to a visioning session.

What to expect: Facilitation to think through large project ideas and break them down into smaller projects, identification of funding, creation of a project timeline, connection to resources, and recommendations of techniques to grow capacity and leadership through project implementation

This session creates long-term visioning for long-term organizational goals.

What to expect: Asset mapping, SWOT analysis, brainstorm goals and project ideas to reach goals, layout of goals and project timelines, connection to resources and funding options, identification of 3-5 year goals,  and generation of  3-5 longer-term grant ideas set on a timeline

Omaha Neighborhood Grants Program

The Omaha Community Foundation’s Omaha Neighborhood Grants Program (ONGP) is a community-building resource available in Omaha.

One Omaha is available to help neighborhood groups through the grant writing process. Learn more about our ONGP services.