By engaging residents and improving participation, we enrich the prosperity of our community.

Our Approach: Asset-Based Community Development

Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) is a strategy for sustainable community development that focuses on the assets of community members to drive the development process. Instead of focusing on what people need, ABCD focuses on what assets a community already has to create positive change.

ABCD focuses on positives and strengths, and puts the community in an active role rather than passive role. It draws out strengths and successes in a community’s shared history as its starting point for change. Among all the assets that exist in the community, ABCD pays particular attention to the assets inherent in social relationships, as evident in formal and informal associations and networks.

Our Services

The purpose of the One Omaha Mini-Grant Program is to lower the barriers of entry to creating change in Omaha by getting involved in community development.

We aim to do this by providing funding quickly and directly to local community-based groups looking to make positive changes in Omaha.

For more details and to view a list of 2020 and 2021 mini-grant recipients, click here.

The Omaha Community Foundation’s Omaha Neighborhood Grants Program (ONGP) is a community-building resource available in Omaha.

For a group to be eligible for the grant, it only needs to be located within Omaha and registered in the Neighborhood Directory. The grant award is up to $5000.

One Omaha is available to help neighborhood groups through the grant writing process. Click here for details.

One Omaha offers education for groups applying for the Omaha Neighborhood Grants Program, as well as other grants. Areas we train on include:

  • Understanding grant funding concepts
  • Preparing your organization for grant funding
  • Comprehensively developing your program
  • Answering the “why”
  • Developing project budgets
  • Implementation planning
  • Deciding on communication channels
  • Understanding timelines
  • Organizing reports
  • For general questions or assistance, email info@oneomaha.org