About Us​

Our Organization

One Omaha’s mission is to empower people where they live through education, training, and engagement to develop thriving neighborhoods.

We value inclusive participation in the growth of our communities and are passionate about enhancing the quality of life in our city. We benefit communities by addressing the lack of capacity in neighborhoods and helping them gain greater control of their own future development. Our impact builds human, technical, and conceptual skills to sustain civic and community efforts to achieve a resident-led vision for neighborhoods throughout Omaha.

In 2021, One Omaha became an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Our Team

Noelle Blood-Anderson
Communications Manager

Kimara Z. Snipes
Executive Director

Alex O'Hanlon
Engagement Manager

Advisory Council

Juanita Johnson
North 24th Street Neighborhood Alliance

Diana Failla
Midtown Neighborhood Alliance

Mike Hohnstein
Southwest Neighborhood Alliance

Precious McKesson
North Omaha Neighborhood Alliance

Kimara Snipes
South Omaha Neighborhood Alliance

Marianna Foral
City of Omaha


Jay Kline
Board President

Crystal Sierra
Board Member

JaKeen Fox
Board Secretary

Stephen Osberg
Board Member