Our Programs

We benefit our community by addressing the lack of knowledge and resources available for residents to sustain a better quality of life.

Our civics workshops boost civic engagement and build the capacity of community advocates. Through interactive 90-minute presentations and panel discussions, participants develop a framework of local government by learning the function of various departments and how they serve our city, as well as an understanding of resources and how to effectively organize for change.


One Omaha’s community building workshops provide the knowledge and skills needed for residents to become more effective communicators, organizers, and champions of change in our community by fostering connection and creating space to share and build trust. These 90-minute interactive sessions encompass topics such as community organizing, community work, and community development.


Neighborhood Leadership Academy (NLA) is a day-long training session that develops and equips community members with strategies they need to organize neighborhoods and volunteer-led groups.

NLA encourages attendees to take on leadership roles in their neighborhoods and provides the skills necessary to develop and execute collaborative projects where they live. The training is geographically based to empower residents’ interests in each community.