Why does One Omaha advocate?

  • To encourage public discourse about policies that create healthier neighborhoods
  • To lead the conversation about healthy neighborhoods
  • To give voice to policies 
  • To amplify voices of neighborhood groups
  • To encourage public spending on policies that lay the foundation for thriving neighborhoods

How do we advocate?

  • Testifying at city council or county commissioners or any local policy-making entity
  • Writing letters of support for local policy initiatives at the city, county, and state levels
  • Helping to get a project or initiative off the ground by providing time or money

Requests for advocacy must be supported by 75% of the members of the organization requesting support.

Requests must submit at least 2 weeks before the public hearing or deadline for comments. 

Questions? Reach out to our Engagement Manager Alex O’Hanlon.

How do we decide what to advocate for?

One Omaha staff use the following criteria to determine whether we will advocate for a certain cause or initiative:

  • Will the policy improve neighborhood health?
  • On what grounds will it improve neighborhood health?
  • Will the policy create more equity?
  • Will the policy engage more folks in their community?
  • Will the policy negatively affect vulnerable or histiorically disenfranchised populations?

What we’ve advocated for in the past:

  • Affordable housing
  • Timely updates to the city’s master plan
  • Resident-focused development