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We develop curriculum for technical, human, and strategic skills needed for community change.

Neighborhood Leadership Academy

“I had a great experience at the Neighborhood Leadership Academy. Very informative, fast paced and friendly. I would recommend this to anyone hoping to be more effective and impactful in their community.”

Neighborhood Leadership Academy is a day-long training to develop community members with levels of strategy needed to organize a neighborhood and volunteer-led group.

The training encourages attendees to take on leadership roles in their neighborhoods and provides the skills necessary to develop and execute collaborative projects. Neighborhood Leadership Academy (NLA) is hosted in North, South, West, and Midtown Omaha to meet the interests of each community.

We use a survey to determine the curriculum from the list below:

Building on the strengths of a community and the skillsets of its residents to address wants and needs

How to measure the walkability and accessibility of your neighborhood to create projects, programs, and policy goals

How to keep neighbors connected and building a brand identity

How to grow, structure, and establish a neighborhood organization

Non-grant fundraising strategies

Strategies to develop projects and write a successful grant

How to run an orderly, effective, and inclusive meeting

An overview of strategies to revitalize your neighborhood and how to start the process

How to build projects and create long-term plans for activities or positive change

Identify and develop the future leaders of your neighborhood

Strategies for the recruitment and coordination of volunteers

Civics Academy

Civics Academy is an annual, all-day training to boost civic engagement and build the capacity of community advocates.

Through interactive presentations and panel discussions, participants develop a framework of local government by learning the function of various departments, how they serve our city, an understanding of resources, and how to effectively organize for change.

Below is the initial list for this training:

Learn about the seven elected positions to govern our city and what their responsibilities are

A rotation of elected positions and how they impact our community

How the city budget works

Learn the departments and agencies, what they address, and how they are resources for you

What is the structure of our local government and how is the vision developed

A quarterly podcast discussing complex topics important to civic life in our community. This program will take a close look at topics ranging from affordable housing to transit-oriented development. By speaking to local advocates and policymakers, we hope to create a well-informed community with the knowledge needed to advocate for or challenge the local policies and programs that affect our everyday lives

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We offer our Leadership Series every year to meet our community’s needs. We are always open to suggestions or recommendations for additional topics, email our program coordinator, Michael Van Sant –