Tips for Building Capacity Within Your Group

What is capacity building within a community and what is its purpose?

Community capacity building is about promoting the capacity of local communities to develop, implement and sustain their own solutions to problems in a way that helps them shape and exercise control over their physical, social, economic and cultural environments.

What are some examples of building capacity?

  • Building the skills and confidence of individuals and groups
  • Enhancing community decision making and problem solving processes
  • Creating a common vision for the future
  • Implementing practical strategies for creating change
  • Promoting inclusion and social justice

Real life examples:

  • Members of your group attend One Omaha’s Neighborhood Leadership Academy to learn about the strategies needed to organize a volunteer-led group.
  • Members of your group participate in a team meeting where you set a vision for the future of your group. Short and long term goals are made to help push your group in the right direction. 

Tips for increasing capacity within your group

  1. Identify and recognize the strengths and assets you already have
  2. Be open and honest about the problems you seek to address
  3. Set realistic short and long term goals
  4. Take advantage of the resources and trainings available to you
  5. Build relationships with other community members
  6. Work collaboratively with other groups when possible
  7. Fundraise or apply for grants